Michael Kelly



Owner and Instructor- Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is the founder of Music on Magnolia, as well as lead instructor. A San Antonio native, Michael attended UTSA and received his Bachelors in Music with a concentration in Music Marketing, as well as earning a Jazz Studies certificate. While in college, Michael started teaching music lessons from his Grandma’s home on Magnolia Ave, eventually naming the studio 'Music on Magnolia'. Today, from their new location at San Pedro Ave and Fulton, the staff provides unique music education experiences for infants, kids, teens and adults in the community.

When he was in elementary school, Michael’s second grade teacher gifted his Mother with an acoustic guitar, which Michael quickly took a liking to. After joining the band in 5th grade as a trumpet player, music became his daily routine. By high school, he accumulated an impressive number of instruments, often pressuring his friends to pick one up and jam along. While studying music in college, Michael couldn’t help but start sharing his knowledge with anyone who would listen (the roots of Music on Magnolia!). Since graduating college, he splits his time between making music with friends and running the studio, both of which stem from his relentless passion for music.

"Tired Tree" by Michael Kelly

"Dischord" by Michael Kelly